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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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264               THE GOLD OF FAIRNILEE.
fice anything. There can't be any harm in that!"
" But, oh Randal, you 've got your green doublet on ! "
"Well! why not?"
" Do you not know it angers the fair—I mean the good folk,—that anyone should wear green on the hill but themselves ? "
"I cannot help it," said Randal. "If I go in and change my doublet, they will ask what I do that for. I '11 chance it, green or grey, and wish my wish for all that."
" And what are you going to wish ? "
" I 'm going to wish to meet the Fairy Queen ! Just think how beautiful she must be! dressed all in green, with gold bells on her bridle, and riding a white horse shod with gold! I think I see her galloping through the woods and out across the hill, over the heather."
" But you will go away with her, and never see me any more," said Jean.
" No, I won't; or if I do, I '11 come back, with such a horse, and a sword with a gold handle. I 'm going to the Wishing Well. Come on ! "
Jean did not like to say " No," and off they went.
Randal and Jean started without taking any­thing with them to eat. They were afraid to go back to the house for food. Randal said they would be sure to find something some-
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