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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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266               THE GOLD OF FAIRNILEE.
Hut Randal said he was not hungry; and, besides, the people at Peel would tell the Fairnilee people where they had gone.
" We'll icish for things to eat when we get to the Wishing Well," said Randal. "All sorts of good things—cold venison pasty, and every­thing you like."
So they began climbing the hill, and they followed the Peel burn. It ran in and out,, winding this way and that, and when they did get to the top of the hill, Jean was very tired and very hungry. And she was very dis­appointed. For she expected to see some wonderful new country at her feet, and there was only a low strip of sunburnt grass and heather, and then another hill-top ! So Jean sat down, and the hot sun blazed on her, and the flies buzzed about her and tormented her.
"Come on, Jean," said Randal; "it must be over the next hill! "
So poor Jean got up and followed him, but he walked far too fast for her. When she reached the crest of the next hill, she found a great cairn, or pile of grey stones; and beneath her lay, far, far below, a deep valley covered with woods, and a stream running through it that she had never seen before.
That stream was the Yarrow.
Randal was nowhere in sight, and she did not know where to look for the Wishing Well. If she had walked straight forward through the
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