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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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were bounding about close to the fire, and sometimes in it, and were all mixed in the smoke.
Jeanie was dreadfully frightened, too fright­ened to scream.
Presently she heard the voices of men shout­ing on the hill below her. The shouts and the barking of dogs came nearer and nearer.
Then a dog ran up to her, and licked her face, and jumped about her.
It was her own sheepdog, Yarrow.
He ran back to the men who were following him, and came again with one of them.
It was old Simon Grieve, very tired, and so much out of breath that he could scarcely speak.
Jean was very glad to see him, and not frightened any longer.
"Oh, Jeanie, my doo'," said Simon, "where hae ye been ? A muckle gliff ye hae gien us, and a weary spiel up the weary braes."
Jean told him all about it: how she had come with Randal to see the Wishing Well, and how she had lost him, and fallen asleep.
" And sic a nicht for you bairns to wander on the hill," said Simon. "It's the nicht o' St. John, when the guid folk hae power. And. there's a' the lads burning the Bel fires, and driving the nowt:;: through them : nae less will serve them. Sic a nicht! "
* Nowt, cattle.
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