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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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-2 7°              THE GOLD OF FAIRNILEE.
AN was found, but where was Randal ? She told the men who had come out to look for her, that Randal had gone on to look for the Wishing Well. So they rolled her up in a big shepherd's plaid, and two of them carried Jean home in
the plaid, while all the rest, with lighted torches in their hands, went to look for Randal through the wood.
Jean was so tired that she fell asleep again in her plaid before they reached Fairnilee. She was wakened by the men shouting as they drew near the house, to show that they were coming home. Lady Ker was waiting at the gate, and the old nurse ran down the grassy path to meet them.
" Where 's my bairn ? " she cried as soon as she was within call.
The men said, " Here 's Mistress Jean, and Randal will be here soon ; they have gone to look for him."
"Where are they looking? " cried nurse.
"Just about the Wishing Well."
The nurse gave a scream, and hobbled back to Lady Ker.
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