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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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THE GOLD OF FAIRNILEE.              271
" Ma bairn's tint ! " * she cried, '• ma bairn's tint ! They '11 find him never. The good folk have stolen him away from that weary Wishing Well! "
"Hush, nurse," said Lady Ker, "do not frighten Jean."
She spoke to the men, who had no doubt that Randal would soon be found and brought home.
So Jean was put to bed, where she forgot all her troubles; and Lady Ker waited, waited, all night, till the grey light began to come in, about two in the morning.
Lady Ker kept very still and quiet, telling her beads, and praying. But the old nurse would never be still, but was always wandering out, down to the river's edge, listening for the shouts of the shepherds coming home. Then she would come back again, and moan and wring her hands, crying for " her bairn."
About six o'clock, when it was broad day­light and all the birds were singing, the men returned from the hill.
But Randal did not come with them.
Then the old nurse set up a great cry, as the country people do over the bed of someone who has just died.
Lady Ker sent her away, and called Simon Grieve to her own room.
" You have not found the boy yet ?" she
* Tint, lost.
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