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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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272              THE GOLD OF FAIRNILEE.
said, very stately and pale. " He must have wandered over into Yarrow; perhaps he has gone as far as Newark, and passed the night at the castle, or with the shepherd at Foul-shiels."
" No, my Lady," said Simon Grieve, " some o' the men went over to Newark, and some to Foulshiels, and other some down to Sir John Murray's at Philiphaugh; but there's never a word o' Randal in a' the country-side."
" Did you find no trace of him ? " said Lady Ker, sitting down suddenly in the great arm­chair.
" We went first through the wood, my Lady, by the path to the Wishing Well. And he had been there, for the whip he carried in his hand was lying on the grass. And we found this."
He put his hand in his pouch, and brought out a little silver crucifix, that Randal used always to wear round his neck on a chain.
" This was lying on the grass beside the Wishing Well, my Lady------"
Then he stopped, for Lady Ker had swooned away. She was worn out with watching and with anxiety about Randal.
Simon went and called the maids, and they brought water and wine, and soon Lady Ker came back to herself, with the little silver crucifix in her hand.
The old nurse was crying, and making a great noise.
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