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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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276              THE GOLD OF FAIRNILEE
was fancied that the hill-side would open, like a door, and show a path into Fairyland, But the hill-side never opened, and she never saw a single fairy; not even old Whuppity Stoorie sit with her spinning-wheel in a green glen, spinning grass into gold, and singing her fairy song :
" I once was young and fair,
My eyes were bright and blue, As if the sun shone through, And golden was my hair.
" Down to my feet it rolled Ruddy and ripe like corn, Upon an autumn morn, In heavy waves of gold.
" Now am I grey and old, And so I sit and spin, With trembling hand and thin. This metal bright and cold.
u I would give all the gain,
These heaps of wealth untold Of hard and glittering gold, Could I be young again ! "
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