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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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298              THE GOLD OF FAIRNILEE
It would just be like this bottle, the only thing I brought with me out of Fairyland."
Then Randal put his hand in his velvet
pouch,and brought bottle.* It was and was made of none of them had It was black, and light through it, green and yellow
out a curious small shaped like this, something that ever seen before, you could see the and there were spots and streaks
on it.
" That ugly bottle looked like gold and diamonds when I found it in Fairyland," said Randal, "and the water in it smelled as sweet as roses. But when I touched my eyes with it, a drop that ran into my mouth was as salt as the sea, and immediately everything changed : the gold bottle became this glass thing, and the fairies became like folk dead, and the sky grew grey, and all turned waste and ugly. That's the way with fairy gold, nurse; and if you found it, even, it would all be dry leaves and black bits of coal before the sun set."
" Maybe so, and maybe no," said the old nurse. " The Gold o' Fairnilee may no be fairy gold, but just wealth o' this world that folk buried here lang syne. But noo, Randal, ma bairn, I maun gang out and see ma sister's son's dochter, that's lying sair sick o' the kin-
* In bottles like this, the old Romans used to keep their tears for their dead friends
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