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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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THE GOLD OF FAIRNILEE.              301
on a warm summer day, like the day when Randal and Jean sat there, with the daisies at their feet, and the wild doves cooing above their heads, and the rabbits running in and out among the ferns.
Jean and Randal talked about this and that, chiefly of how some money could be got to buy corn and cattle for the people. Randal was in favour of crossing the Border at night, and driving away cattle from the English side, according to the usual custom.
" Every day I expect to see a pair of spurs in a dish for all our dinner," said Randal.
That was the sign the lady of the house in the Forest used to give her men, when all the beef was done, and more had to be got by fighting.
But Jeanie would not hear of Randal taking spear and jack, and putting himself in danger by fighting the English. They were her own people after all, though she could not remember them and the days before she was carried out of England by Simon Grieve.
" Then," said Randal, " am I to go back to Fairyland, and fetch more gold like this ugly thing?" and he felt in his pocket for the fairy bottle.
But it was not in his pocket.
"What have I done with my fairy treasure ?" cried Randal, jumping up. Then he stood still quite suddenly, as if he saw something strange.
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