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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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304               THE GOLD OF FAIRNILJSE.
NDAL and Jean went to the old woman and comforted her, though they could not understand what she meant. She cried and sobbed, and threw her aims about; but, by degrees, they found out all the story.
When Randal had told her how all he saw in Fairyland was changed after he had touched his eyes with the water from the bottle, the old rvoman remembered many tales that she had heard about some charm known to the fairies, which helped them to find things hidden, and to see through walls and stones. Then she hat] got the bottle from Randal, and had stolen out,, meaning to touch her eyes with the water, and try whether that was the charm and whether she could find the treasure spoken of in the old rhymes. She went
" Between the Camp o' Rink And Tweed water clear,'*
and to the place which lay
" Between the wet land and the dry,"
that is, between the marsh and the Catrail.
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