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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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THE GOLD OF FAIRNILEE.               309
image in her hand, and set his finger on his lips to show that she must not speak.
Then he went back to the great stone coffin, and began to grope in it with his hands. There was much earth in it that had slowly sifted through during the many years that it had been buried. But there was also a great round bowl of metal and a square box.
Randal got out the bowl first. It was covered with a green rust, and had a lid ; in short, it was a large ancient kettle, such as soldiers use in camp. Randal got the lid off, and, behold,
it was all full gold coins, not Roman, but like used in Briton Cassar came.
The square and was rusted
of very ancient Greek, nor this, such as were before Julius
box was of iron, red. On the lid,
in the moonshine, Jeanie could read the letters S. P. Q. R., but she did not know what they meant. The box had been locked, and chained, and clamped with iron bars. But all was so rusty that the bars were easily broken, and the lid torn off.
Then the moon shone on bars of gold, and on great plates and dishes of gold and silver, marked with letters, and with what Randal thought were crests. Many of the cups were studded with red and green and blue stones. And there were beautiful plates and dishes,
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