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Fairy Adventures from Chronicles of Pantouflia By Andrew Lang

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purple, gold, and green; and one of these fell, and broke into a thousand pieces, for it was ol some strange kind of glass. There were three gold sword-hilts, carved wonderfully into the figures of strange beasts with wings, and heads like lions.
Randal and Jean looked at it and marvelled* and Jean sang in a low, sweet voice :
11 Between the Camp o' Rink And Tweed water clear, Lie nine kings' ransoms For nine hundred year."
Nobody ever saw so much treasure in all broad Scotland.
Jean and Randal passed the rest of the night in hiding what they had found. Part the}' hid in the secret chamber of Fairnilee, of which only Jean and Lady Ker and Randal knew the secret. The rest they stowed away in various places. Then Randal filled the earth into the trench, and cast wood on the place, and set fire to the wood, so that next day there was nothing there but ashes and charred earth.
You will not need to be told what Randal did, now that he had treasure in plenty. Some he sold in France, to the king, Henry II., and some in Rome, to the Pope ; and with the money which they gave him he bought corn and cattle in England, enough to feed all his
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