At the Back of the North Wind Illustrated - online book

A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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The East Window                  95
how that all the Apostles were standing round him and looking down on him. And still he could not open his eyes.
" What is the matter with him, St. Luke?" asked one.
" There's nothing the matter with him," answered St. Luke, who must have joined the company of the Apostles from the next window, one would think. " He's in a sound sleep."
"I have it," cried another. "This is one of North Wind's tricks. She has caught him up and dropped him at our door, like a withered leaf or a foundling baby. I don't understand that woman's conduct, I must say. As if we hadn't enough to do with our money, without going taking care of other people's children! That's not what our forefathers built cathe­drals for."
Now Diamond could not bear to hear such things against North Wind, who, he knew, never played any­body a trick. She was far too busy with her own work for that. He struggled hard to open his eyes, but with­out success.
" She should consider that a church is not a place for pranks, not to mention that we live in it," said another.
" It certainly is disrespectful of her. But she always is disrespectful. What right has she to bang at our windows as she has been doing the whole of this night? I daresay there is glass broken somewhere. I know my blue robe is in a dreadful mess with the rain first and the dust after. It will cost me shillings to clean it."
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