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A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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102 At the Back of the North Wind
it. Of course it went to sleep, and had no more tc do with ships. That's what comes to cities and nations, and boys and girls, who say, "I can do without your help. I'm enough for myself."
Diamond soon made great friends with an old woman who kept a toyshop, for his mother had given him two­pence for pocket-money before he left, and he had gone into her shop to spend it, and she got talking to him. She looked very funny, because she had not got any
teeth, but Dia­mond liked her, and went often to her shop, al­though he had nothing to spend there after the two­pence was gone.
One afternoon he had been wandering rather wearily about the streets for some time. It was a hot day, and he felt tired. As he passed the toy­shop, he stepped
in. " Please may I sit down for a minute on this box?" he said, thinking the old woman was somewhere in the shop. But he got no answer, and sat down without one.
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