At the Back of the North Wind Illustrated - online book

A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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The Seaside                       143
" How do you know that?"
" I don't know it. But I haven't got even a cupboard, and I've always had plenty to eat. I've heard you say I had too much, sometimes."
" But I tell you that's because I've had a cupboard for you, child."
u And when yours was empty, auntie opened hers."
" But that can't go on."
" How do you know? I think there must be a big cupboard somewhere, out of which the little cupboards are filled, you know, mother."
"Well, I wish I could find the door of that cup≠board," said his mother. But the same moment she stopped, and was silent for a good while. I cannot tell whether Diamond knew what she was thinking, but I think I know. She had heard something at church the day before, which came back upon heró something like this, that she hadn't to eat for to-morrow as well as for to-day; and that what was not wanted couldn't be missed. So, instead of saying anything more, she stretched out her hand for the basket, and she and Diamond had their dinner.
And Diamond did enjoy it. For the drive and the fresh air had made him quite hungry; and he did not, like his mother, trouble himself about what they should dine off that day week. The fact was he had lived so long without any food at all at the back of the north wind, that he knew quite well, that food was not essential to existence; that in fact, under cer≠tain circumstances, people could live without it well enough.
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