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A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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186 At the Back of the North Wind
By the time he reached their stair, all was still except the voice of the crying baby, which guided him to the right door. He opened it softly and peeped in. There, leaning back in a chair, with his arms hanging down by his sides, and his legs stretched out before him and
supported on his heels, sat the drunken cabman. His wife lay in her clothes upon the bed, sobbing, and the baby was wailing in the cradle. It was very miserable altogether.
Now the way most people do when they see anything very miserable is to turn away from the sight, and try to forget it.
But Diamond began as usual to try to destroy the misery. The little boy was just as much one of God's messengers as if he had been an angel with a flaming sword, going out to fight the devil. The devil he had to fight just then was Misery. And the way he fought him was the very best. Like a wise soldier, he attacked him first in his weakest point—that
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