At the Back of the North Wind Illustrated - online book

A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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Diamond Learns to Read 205
And they flew through the wood all flattering and fluttering, Over the dead leaves flickering and muttering.
And he said to the wind, "Come, follow; come, follow, With whistle and pipe, and rustle and hollo."
And the wind wound round at his desire,
As if he had been the gold cock on the spire.
And the cock itself flew down from the church. And left the farmers all in the lurch.
They run and they fly, they creep and they come, Everything, everything, all and some.
The very trees they tugged at their roots, Only their feet were too fast in their boots,
After him leaning and straining and bending,
As on through their boles he kept walking and wending,
Till out of the wood he burst on a lea, Shouting and calling, "Come after me!"
And then they rose up with a leafy hiss, And stood as if nothing had been amiss.
Little Boy Blue sat down on a stone,
And the creatures came round him every one.
And he said to the clouds, "I want you there;" And down they sank through the thin blue air.
And he said to the sunset far in the west, "Come here; I want you; I know best."
And the sunset came and stood up on the wold, And burned and glowed in purple and gold.
Then Little Boy Blue began to ponder: "What's to be done with them all, I wonder."
Then Little Boy Blue, he said, quite low,
"What to do with you all I am sure I don't know."
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