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A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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240 At the Back of the North Wind
hey diddle! hey diddle diddle! The baby and fiddle! O, mother, I'm such a silly! But I can't help it. I wish I could think of something else, but there's nothing will come into my head but hey diddle diddle! the cat and the fiddle! I wonder what the angeis do —when they're extra happy, you know—when they've been driving cabs all day and taking home the money to their mothers. Do you think they ever sing non­sense, mother?"
" I daresay they've got their own sort of it," an­swered his mother, "else they wouldn't be like other people."
She was thinking more of her twenty-one shillings and sixpence, and of the nice dinner she would get for her sick husband next day, than of the angels and their nonsense, when she said it. But Diamond found her answer all right.
"Yes, to be sure," he replied. "They wouldn't be like other people if they hadn't their nonsense some­times. But it must be very pretty nonsense, and not like that silly hey diddle diddle! the cat and the fiddle! I wish I could get it out of my head. I wonder what the angels' nonsense is like. Nonsense is a very good thing, ain't it, mother?—a little of it now and then; more of it for baby, and not so much for grown people like cabmen and their mothers? It's like the pepper and salt that goes in the soup—that's it—isn't it, mother? There's baby fast asleep! Oh, what a non­sense baby it is—to sleep so much! Shall I put him down, mother?"
Diamond chattered away. What rose in his happy
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