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A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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326 At the Back of the North Wind
looked everywhere, but could not see her. " Diamond, come here," she said again and again; but where the here was he could not tell. To be sure the room was all but quite dark, and she might be close beside him.
" Dear North Wind," said Diamond, "I want so much to go to you, but I can't tell where."
" Come here, Diamond," was all her answer.
Diamond opened the door, and went out of the room, and down the stair and into the yard. His little heart was in a flutter, for he had long given up all thought of seeing her again. Neither now was he to see her. When he got out, a great puff of wind came against him, and in obedience to it he turned his back, and went as it blew. It blew him right up to the stable-door, and went on blowing.
"She wants me to go into the stable," said Dia­mond, to himself; "but the door is locked."
He knew where the key was, in a certain hole in the wall — far too high for him to get at. He ran to the place, however: just as he reached it there came a wild blast, and down fell the key clanging on the stones at his feet. He picked it up, and ran back and opened the stable-door, and went in. And what do you think he saw?
A little light came through the dusty window from a gas lamp, sufficient to show him Diamond and Ruby with their two heads up, looking at each other across the partition of their stalls. The light showed the white mark on Diamond's forehead, but Ruby's eye shone so bright, that he thought more light came out of it than went in. This is what he saw.
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