At the Back of the North Wind Illustrated - online book

A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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The Prospect Brightens
T HE next morning, Diamond's mother said to his father, "I'm not quite comfortable about that child again."
"Which child, Martha?" asked Joseph. "You've got a choice now."
"Well, Diamond I mean. I'm afraid he's getting into his queer ways again. He's been at his old trick of walking in his sleep. I saw him run up the stair in the middle of the night."
" Didn't you go after him, wife?"
"Of course I did—and found him fast asleep in his bed. It's because he's had so little meat for the last six weeks, I'm afraid."
" It may be that. I'm very sorry. But if it don't please God to send us enough, what am I to do, wife?"
"You can't help it, I know, my dear good man," returned Martha. "And after all I don't know. I don't see why he shouldn't get on as well as the rest of us. There I'm nursing baby all this time, and I get along pretty well. I'm sure to hear the little man singing, you wouldn't think there was much amiss with him."
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