At the Back of the North Wind Illustrated - online book

A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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I Make Diamond's Acquaintance 361
Purple and gold, and rosy and blue,
With their tails all white behind them, Her sheep they did run in the trail of the sun;
She saw them, but could not find them.
After the sun, like clouds they did run,
But she knew they were her sheep; She sat down to cry, and look up at the sky,
But she cried herself asleep.
And as she slept the dew fell fast,
And the wind blew from the sky; And strange things took place that shun the day's face,
Because they are sweet and shy.
Nibble, nibble, crop! she heard as she woke:
A hundred little lambs Did pluck and eat the grass so sweet
That grew in the trails of their dams.
Little Bo Peep caught up her crook,
And wiped the tears that did blind her; And nibble nibble crop! without a stop,
The lambs came eating behind her.
Home, home she came, both tired and lame,
With three times as many sheep. In a month or more, they'll be as big as before,
And then she '11 laugh in her sleep.
But what would you say, if one fine day,
When they 've got their bushiest tails, Their grown up game should be just the same,
And she have to follow their trails?
Never weep, Bo Peep, though you lose your sheep,
And do not know where to find them; 'Tis after the sun the mothers have run,
And there are their lambs behind them.
I confess again to having touched up a little, but it
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