At the Back of the North Wind Illustrated - online book

A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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Once More                        381
lakes. At length they descended on the side of an open earthy hill, just where, from beneath a stone, a spring came bubbling out.
" I am going to take you along this little brook," said North Wind. "I am not wanted for anything else
to-night, so I can give vou a treat." She stooped over the stream, and holding Dia­mond down close to the surface of it, glided along level with its flow as it ran down the hill. And the song of the brook came up into Diamond's ears, and grew and grewr and changed with every turn. It seemed to Dia-
mond to be singing the story of its life to him. And so it was. It began with a musical tinkle which changed to a babble and then to a gentle rushing. Sometimes its song would almost cease, and then break out again, tinkle, and babble, and rush, all at once. At the bottom of the hill they came to a small river, into which the brook flowed with a muffled but merry sound. Along the surface of the river, darkly clear below them in the
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