A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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HILE the magistrate reinvigorated his selfish­ness with a greedy breakfast, Curdie found doing nothing in the dark rather wearisome work. It was useless attempting to think
what he should do next, seeing the circumstances in which he was presently to find himself were altogether unknown to him So he began to think about his father and mother in their little cottage home, high in the clear air of the open mountain-side, and the thought, instead of making his dungeon gloomier by the contrast, made a light in his soul that destroyed the power of darkness and captivity. But he was at length startled from his waking dream by a swell in the noise outside. All the time there had been a few of the more idle of the inhabitants about the door, but they had been rather quiet. Now, however, the sounds of feet and voices began to grow, and grew so rapidly that it was plain a
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