A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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186                THE PRINCESS AND CURDIE.
her face which they could not understand, and did not like.
" Are we all dirt ? " they said. " What are you think­ing about? Have you seen yourself in the glass this morning, miss ? "
She made no answer.
" Do you want to be treated as you deserve, or will you speak, you hussy ? " said the first woman-cook.. " I would fain know what right you have to put on a face like that!
" You won't believe me," said the girl.
" Of course not. What is it ? "
" I must tell you, whether you believe me or not," she said.
" Of course you must."
" It is this, then : if you do not repent of your bad ways, you are all going to be punished—all turned out of the palace together."
"A mighty punishment !" said the butler. "A good rid­dance, say I, of the trouble of keeping minxes like you in order ! And why, pray, should we be turned out ? What have I to repent of now, your holiness ? "
"That you know best yourself," said the girl.
" A pretty piece of insolence ! How should / know, forsooth, what a menial like you has got against me! There are people in this house—oh ! I'm not blind to
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