A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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THE PROPHECY.                              187
their ways ! but every one for himself, say I!—Pray, Miss Judgment, who gave you such an impertinent message to his majesty's household ? "
" One who is come to set things right in the king's house."
" Right, indeed ! " cried the butler; but that moment the thought came back to him of the roar he had heard in the cellar, and he turned pale and was silent
The steward took it up next.
" And pray, pretty prophetess," he said, attempting to chuck her under the chin, "what have/got to repent of?"
"That you know best yourself," said the girl. "You have but to look into your books or your heart."
" Can you tell mey then, what I have to repent of? " said the groom of the chambers.
"That you know best yourself," said the girl once more. " The person who told me to tell you said the servants of this house had to repent of thieving, and lying, and unkindness, and drinking; and they will be made to repent of them one way, if they don't do it of themselves another."
Then arose a great hubbub; for. by this time all the servants in the house were gathered about her, and all talked together, in towering indignation.
" Thieving, indeed! " cried one, " A pretty word in a
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