A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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THE PROPHECY.                              191
thought often of their words, and the many strange things besides I both heard and saw in that house; but by degrees, because I could not understand them, 1 gave up thinking of them. And indeed I had almost forgotten them, when you, my child, talking that day about the Queen Irene and her pigeons, and what you had seen in her garret, brought them all back to my mind in a vague mass. But now they keep coming back to me, one by one, every one for itself; and I shall just hold my peace, and lie here quite still, and think about them all till I get well again."
What he meant they could not quite understand, but they saw plainly that already he was better.
" Put away my crown," he said " I am tired of seeing it, and have no more any fear of its safety."
They put it away together, withdrew from the bedside, and left him in peace.
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