A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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" The same who sent me before to tell you to repent.*
" What! will you go fooling it still ? Haven't you had enough of it ? " cried the butler in a rage, and starting to his feet, drew near threateningly.
" I must do as I am told," said the girl.
" Then why dorit you do as / tell you, and hold your tongue?" said the butler. "Who wants your preach­ments? If anybody here has anything to repent of, isn't that enough—and more than enough for him—but you must come bothering about, and stirring up, till not a drop of quiet will settle inside him ? You come along with me, young woman ; well see if we can't find a lock somewhere in the house that '11 hold you in !
" Hands off, Mr. Butler !" said the page, and stepped between.
" Oh, ho !" cried the butler, and pointed his fat finger at him. " That's you, is it, my fine fellow ? So it's you that's up to her tricks, is it ? "
The youth did not answer, only stood with flashing eyes fixed on him, until, growing angrier and angrier, but not daring a step nearer, he burst out with rude but quavering authority,—
" Leave the house, both of you ! Be cff, or I'll have Mr. Steward to talk to you. Threaten your masters, indeed ! Out of the house with you, and show us the way you tell us of I
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