A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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JUDGMENT.                                 249
He looked upon them for a moment in mingled anger and pity, then turned to the people and said,
" Behold your trust! Ye slaves, behold your leaders ! I would have freed you, but ye would not be free. Now shall ye be ruled with a rod of iron, that ye may learn what freedom is, and love it and seek it. These wretches I will send where they shall mislead you no longer."
He made a sign to Curdie, who immediately brought up the leg serpent. To the body of the animal they bound the lord chamberlain, speechless with horror. The butler began to shriek and pray, but they bound him on the back of Clubhead. One after another, upon the largest of the creatures they bound the whole seven, each through the unveiling terror looking the villain he was. Then said the king,
" I thank you, my good beasts; and I hope to visit you ere long. Take these evil men with you, and go to your place."
Like a whirlwind they were in the crowd, scattering it like dust. Like hounds they rushed from the city, their burdens howling and raving.
What became of them I have never heard.
Then the king turned once more to the people and said, " Go to your houses;" nor vouchsafed them another word. They crept home like chidden hounds.
The king returned to the palace. He made the
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