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English castaway spends 28 years on a remote tropical island.

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T HE universal fame of The Life and Adventures of Rob­inson Crusoe is second only to the Bible. Notwithstand­ing its simple narrative style, as well as the absence of the supposedly indispensable love motive, no modern book can boast of such world-wide esteem.
Written by Daniel Defoe and published in England in 1719 by William Taylor, the Life and Adventures won imme­diate popularity. Its phenomenal success called forth five re-printings in rapid succession. In the following year came translations into French, German and Dutch, marking the beginning of an unprecedented series of translations into many other languages and dialects.
And now, after two centuries, the story still stands secure and enduring—a monumental human document.
Hundreds of illustrated editions of The Life and Adven­tures of Robinson Crusoe have been published, and many more will follow, but I, like most illustrators enthusiastic in their work, have anticipated for years the opportunity which is now offered to me in the present edition.
The outstanding appeal of this fascinating romance to me personally is the remarkably sustained sensation one enjoys of Crusoe's contact with .the elements—the sea and the sun, the night and the storms, the cand, rocks, vegetation and animal life. In few books can the reader breathe, live and move with his hero so intensely, so easily and so consis­tently throughout the narrative. In Robinson Crusoe we have it; here is a story that becomes history, history living and moving, carrying with it irresistibly the compelling
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