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English castaway spends 28 years on a remote tropical island.

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tion to set him free in ten years if he turned Christian. Upon this, and Xury saying he was willing to go to him, I let the captain have him.
We had a very good voyage to the Brazils, and arrived in the Bay de Todos los Santos, or All Saints' Bay, in about twenty-two days after. And now I was once more delivered from the most miserable of all conditions of life; and what to do next with myself I was now to consider.
The generous treatment the captain gave me, I can never enough remember. He would take nothing of me for my pass­age, gave me twenty ducats for the leopard's skin, and forty for the lion's skin, which I had in my boat, and caused every­thing I had in the ship to be punctually delivered me; and what I was willing to sell he bought, such as the case of bottles, two of my guns, and a piece of the lump of beeswax—for I had made candles of the rest; in a word, I made about 220 pieces of eight of all my cargo, and with this stock I went on shore in the Brazils.
I had not been long here, but being recommended to the house of a good honest man like himself, who had an ingeino as they call it, that is, a plantation and a sugar-house, I lived with him some time, and acquainted myself by that means with the manner of their planting and making of sugar; and see­ing how well the planters lived, and how they grew rich sud­denly, I resolved, if I could get a license to settle there, I wonld turn planter among them, resolving in the meantime to find out some way to get my money which I left in London remitted to me. To this purpose, getting a kind of a letter of natural-
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