Robinson Crusoe - full online book

English castaway spends 28 years on a remote tropical island.

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world to be miserable.                  spared from death; and He
that miraculously saved me from death, can deliver me from this condition. I am divided from man- But I am not starved and
kind, a solitaire, one banished perishing on a barren place,
from human society.                    affording no sustenance.
I have not clothes to cover But I am in a hot climate,
me.                                                where if I had clothes I could
hardly wear them. I am without any defence But I am cast on an island,
or means to resist any violence where I see no wild beasts to
of man or beast.                           hurt me, as I saw on the coast
of Africa; and what if I had been shipwrecked there? I have no soul to speak to, But God wonderfully sent
or relieve me.                               the ship in near enough to the
shore, that I have gotten out so many necessary things as will either supply my wants, or enable me to supply myself even as long as I live.
Upon the whole, here was an undoubted testimony, that there was scarce any condition in the world so miserable, but there was something negative or something positive to be thank­ful for in it; and let this stand as a direction from the experi­ence of the most miserable of all conditions in this world, that we may always find in it something to comfort ourselves from,
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