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English castaway spends 28 years on a remote tropical island.

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resolved to strengthen with a work, wall, or fortification made of double piles, lined within with cables, and without with turf.
From the 26th to the 30th I worked very hard in carrying all my goods to my new habitation, though some part of the time it rained exceeding hard.
The 31st, in the morning, I went out into the island with my gun to seek for some food, and discover the country; when I killed a she-goat, and her kid followed me home, which I after­wards killed also, because it would not feed.
Nov. 1.—I set up my tent under a rock, and lay there the first night, making it as large as I could, with stakes driven in to swing my hammock upon.
Nov. 2.—I set up all my chests and boards, and the pieces of timber which made my rafts, and with them formed a fence round me, a little within the place I had marked out for my fortification.
Nov. 3.—I went out with my gun, and killed two fowls like ducks, which were very good food. In the afternoon went to work to make me a table.
Nov. 4.—This morning I began to order my times of work, of going out with my gun, time of sleep, and time of diversion, viz., every morning I walked out with my gun for two or three hours, if it did not rain; then employed myself to work till about eleven o'clock; then eat what I had to live on; and from twelve to two I lay down to sleep, the weather being excessive hot; and then in the evening to work again. The working part of this day and of the next were wholly employed in making my table; for I was yet but a very sorry workman, though time
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