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English castaway spends 28 years on a remote tropical island.

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against the rock, and load them with flags and large leaves of trees, like a thatch.
Dec. 10.—I began now to think my cave or vault finished, when on a sudden (it seems I had made it too large) a great quantity of earth fell down from the top and one side, so much, that, in short, it frightened me, and not without reason too; for if I had been under it, I had never wanted a grave-digger. Upon this disaster I had a great deal of work to do over again; for I had the loose earth to carry out; and, which was of more importance, I had the ceiling to prop up, so that I might be sure no more would come down.
Dec. 11.—This day I went to work with it accordingly, and got two shores or posts pitched upright to the top, with two pieces of boards across over each post. This I finished the next day; and setting more posts up with boards, in about a week more I had the roof secure; and the posts standing in rows, served me for partitions to part of my house.
Dec. 17.—From this day to the twentieth I placed shelves, and knocked up nails on the posts to hang everything up that could be hung up; and now I began to be in some order within doors.
Dec. 20.—Now I carried everything into the cave, and began to furnish my house, and set up some pieces of boards, like a dresser, to order my victuals upon; but boards began to be verv scarce with me; also I made me another table.
Dec. 24.—Much rain all night and all day; no stirring-out.
Dec. 25.—Rain all day.
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