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English castaway spends 28 years on a remote tropical island.

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Dec. 26.—No rain, and the earth much cooler than before, and pleasanter.
Dec. 27.—Killed a .young goat, and lamed another, so that I caught it, and led it home on a string. When I had it home, I bound and splintered up its leg, which was broke. N.B.—I took such care of it, that it lived; and the leg grew well and as strong as ever; but by my nursing it so long it grew tame, and fed upon the little green at my door, and would not go away. This was the first time that I entertained a thought of breeding up some tame creatures, that I might have food when my pow­der and shot was all spent.
Dec. 28, 29, 30.—Great heats and no breeze, so that there was no stirring abroad, except in the evening, for food. This time I spent in putting all my things in order within doors.
Jan. 1.—Very hot still, but I went abroad early and late with my gun, and lay still in the middle of the day. This evening, going farther into the valleys which lay towards the centre of the island, I found there was plenty of goats, though exceeding shy, and hard to come at. However I resolved to try if I could not bring my dog to hunt them down.
Jan. 2.—Accordingly, the next day, I went out with my dog, and set him upon the goats; but I was mistaken, for they all faced about upon the dog; and he knew his danger too well, for he would not come near them.
Jan. 3.—I began my fence or wall; which, being still jeal­ous of my being attacked by somebody, I resolved to make very thick and strong.
N.B.—This wall being described before, I purposely omit
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