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English castaway spends 28 years on a remote tropical island.

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city; for had I happened to be on the other side of the island, I might have had hundreds of them every day, as I found after­wards ; but, perhaps, had paid dear enough for them.
June 17 I spent in cooking the turtle. I found in her threescore eggs; and her flesh was to me, at that time, the most savory and pleasant that ever I tasted in my life, having had no flesh, but of goats and fowls, since I landed in this horrid place.
June 18.—Rained all day, and I stayed within. I thought at this time the rain felt cold, and I was something chilly, which I knew was not usual in that latitude.
June 19.—Very ill, and shivering, as if the weather had been cold.
June 20.—No rest all night; violent pains in my head, and feverish.
June 21.—Very ill, frightened almost to death with the apprehensions of my sad condition, to be sick, and no help. Prayed to God for the first time since the storm off of Hull, but scarce knew what I said, or why; my thoughts being all confused.
June 22.—A little better, but under dreadful apprehensions of sickness.
June 23.—Very bad again; cold and shivering, and then a violent headache.
June 24.—Much better.
June 25.—An ague very violent; the fit held me seven hours; cold fit, and hot, with faint sweats after it.
June 26.—Better; and having no victuals to eat, took my
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