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English castaway spends 28 years on a remote tropical island.

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place to fix my abode, which was by far the worst part of the country. Upon the whole, I began to consider of removing my habitation, and to look out for a place equally safe as where I now was situate, if possible, in that pleasant fruitful part of the island.
This thought ran long in my head, and I was exceeding fond of it for some time, the pleasantness of the place tempting me; but when I came to a nearer view of it and to consider that I was now by the seaside, where it was at least possible that something might happen to my advantage, and, by the same ill fate that brought me hither, might bring some other unhappy wretches to the same place; and though it was scarce probable that any such thing should ever happen, yet to enclose myself among the hills and woods in the centre of the island, was to an­ticipate my bondage, and to render such an affair not only im­probable, but impossible; and that therefore I ought not by any means to remove.
However, I was so enamored of this place, that I spent much of my time there for the whole remaining part of the month of July; and, though, upon second thoughts, I re­solved, as above, not to remove, yet I built me a little kind of a bower, and surrounded it at a distance with a strong fence, being a double hedge as high as I could reach, well staked, and filled between with brushwood. And here I lay very secure, sometimes two or three nights together, always go­ing over it with a ladder, as before; so that I fancied now I had my country house and my seacoast house; and this work took me up to the beginning of August.
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