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English castaway spends 28 years on a remote tropical island.

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He Rears a Flock of GoatsHis DiaryHis Domestic Habits and Style of LivingIncreasing Prosperity
B UT being now in the eleventh year of my residence, and as I have said, my ammunition growing low, I set my­self to study some art to trap and snare the goats, to see whether I could not catch some of them alive; and particularly, I wanted a she-goat great with young.
To this purpose, I made snares to hamper them, and I do believe they were more than once taken in them; but my tackle was not good, for I had no wire, and I always found them broken, and my bait devoured. At length I resolved to try a pitfall; so I dug several large pits in the earth, in places where I had observed the goats used to feed, and over these pits I placed hurdles, of my own making too, with a great weight upon them; and several times I put ears of barley and dry rice, without setting the trap, and I could easily perceive that the goats had gone in and eaten up the corn, for I could see the mark of their feet. At length I set three traps in one night, and going the next morning, I found them all standing, and yet the bait eaten and gone; this was very discouraging. How­ever, I altered my trap; and, not to trouble you with particu­lars, going one morning to see my trap, I found in one of them a large old he-goat, and in one of the others three kids, a male and two females.
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