Robinson Crusoe - full online book

English castaway spends 28 years on a remote tropical island.

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Robinson Discovers a Cave, which Serves Him as a Retreat Against the Savages
I N this disposition I continued for near a year after this; and so far was I from desiring an occasion for falling upon these wretches, that in all that time I never once wrent up the hill to see whether there were any of them in sight, or to know whether any of them had been on shore there or not, that I might not be tempted to renew any of my contrivances against them, or be provoked, by any advantage wrhich might present itself, to fall upon them. Only this I did, I went and removed my boat, which I had on the other side the island, and carried it down to the east end of the whole island, where I ran it into a little cove, which I found under some high rocks, and where I knew, by reason of the currents, the sav­ages durst not, at least would not come, with their boats, upon any account whatsoever.
With my boat I carried away everything that I had left there belonging to her, though not necessary for the bare go­ing thither, viz., a mast and sail which I had made for her, and a thing like an anchor, but indeed which could not be called either anchor or grappling; however, it was the best I could make of its kind. All these I removed, that there might not be the least shadow of any discovery, or any appearance
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