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English castaway spends 28 years on a remote tropical island.

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Robinson and Friday Build a Canoe to Carry them to Friday's Country Their Scheme Prevented by the Arrival of a Party of Savages
A FTER Friday and I became more intimately ac­quainted and that he could understand almost all I said to him, and speak fluently, though in broken Eng­lish, to me, I acquainted him with my own story, or at least so much of it as related to my coming into the place; how I had lived there, and how long. I let him into the mystery, for such it was to him, of gunpowder and bullet, and taught him how to shoot; I gave him a knife, which he was wonderfully delighted with, and I made him a belt, with a frog hanging to it, such as in England we wear hangers in; and in the frog, instead of a hanger, I gave him a hatchet, which was not only as good a weapon, in some cases, but much more useful upon other occa­sions.
I described to him the country of Europe, and particularly England, which I came from; how we lived, how we worshipped God, how we behaved to one another, and how we traded in ships to all parts of the world. I gave him an account of the wreck which I had been on board of, and showed him, as near as I could, the place where she lay; but she was all beaten in pieces before, and gone.
I showed him the ruins of our boat, which we lost when we
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