Robinson Crusoe - full online book

English castaway spends 28 years on a remote tropical island.

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time not to speak a word. In this posture I fetched a compass to my right hand of near a mile as well to get over the creek as to get into the wood, so that I might come within shot of them before I should be discovered, which I had seen, by my glass, it was easy to do.
While I was making this march, my former thoughts re­turning, I began to abate my resolution. I do not mean that I entertained any fear of their number; for as they were naked, unarmed wretches, 'tis certain I was superior to them; nay, though I had been alone. But it occurred to my thoughts what call, what occasion, much less what necessity, I was in to go and dip my hands in blood, to attack people who had neither done or intended me any wrong; who, as to me, were innocent, and whose barbarous customs were their own disaster; being in them a token indeed of God's having left them, with the other nations of that part of the world, to such stupidity, and to such inhuman courses; but did not call me to take upon me to be a judge of their actions, much less an executioner of His justice; that whenever he thought fit, He would take the cause into His own hands, and by national vengeance, punish them, as a peo­ple, for national crimes; but that, in the meantime, it was none of my business; that, it was true, Friday might justify it, be­cause he was a declared enemy, and in state of war with those very particular people, and it was lawful for him to attack them; but I could not say the same with respect to me. These things were so warmly pressed upon my thoughts all the way as I went, that I resolved I would only go and place myself near them, that I might observe their barbarous feast, and that
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