Robinson Crusoe - full online book

English castaway spends 28 years on a remote tropical island.

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Robinson Releases a SpaniardFriday Discovers His FatherAc­commodation Provided for These New Guests, Who Were After­ward Sent to Liberate the Other SpaniardsArrival of an English Vessel
I HAD now not a moment to lose, for nineteen of the dread­ful wretches sat upon the ground, all close huddled to­gether, and had just sent the other two to butcher the poor Christian, and bring him, perhaps limb by limb, to their fire; and they were stooped down to untie the bands at his feet. I turned to Friday: "Now, Friday," said I, "do as I bid thee." Friday said he would. "Then, Friday," says I, "do exactly as you see me do; fail in nothing." So I set down one of the muskets and the fowling-piece upon the ground, and Friday did the like by his; and with the other musket I took my aim at the savages, bidding him do the like. Then asking him if he was ready, he said, "Yes." "Then fire at them," said I; and the same moment I fired also.
Friday took his aim so much better than I, that on the side that he shot he killed two of them, and wounded three more; and on my side I killed one and wounded two. They were, you may be sure, in a dreadful consternation; and all of them who were not hurt jumped up upon their feet, but did not imme­diately know which way to run, or which way to look, for they
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