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English castaway spends 28 years on a remote tropical island.

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savages, and wounded them both; but as he was not able to run, they both got away from him into the wood, where Friday pursued them, and killed one of them; but the other was too nimble for him, and though he was wounded, yet had plunged himself into the sea, and swam with all his might off to those two who were left in the canoe; which three in the canoe, with one wounded, who we know not whether he died or no, were all that escape our hands of one and twenty. The account of the rest is as follows:—
3 killed at our first shot from the tree.
2 killed at the next shot.
2 killed by Friday in the boat.
killed by ditto, of those at first wounded. 1 killed by ditto in the wood.
3 killed by the Spaniard.
4 killed, being found dropped here and there of their
wounds, or killed by Friday in his chase of them. 4 escaped in the boat, whereof one wounded, if not dead.
21 in all.
Those that were in the canoe worked hard to get out of gun-shot; and though Friday made two or three shots at them, I did not find that he hit any of them. Friday would fain have had me take one of their canoes, and pursue them; and, indeed, I was very anxious about their escape, lest carry­ing the news home to their people they should come back per-
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