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English castaway spends 28 years on a remote tropical island.

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Robinson Discovers Himself to the English CaptainAssists Him In Reducing His Mutinous Crew, Who Submit to Him
I T was just at the top of high-water when these people came on shore; and while partly they stood parleying with the prisoners they brought, and partly while they rambled about to see what kind of a place they were in, they had care­lessly stayed till the tide was spent, and the water was ebbed considerably away, leaving their boat aground.
They had left two men in the boat, who, as I found after­wards, having drank a little too much brandy, fell asleep. However, one of them waking sooner than the other, and find­ing the boat too fast aground for him to stir it, hallooed for the rest, who were straggling about, upon which they all soon came to the boat; but it was past all their strength to launch her, the boat being very heavy, and the shore on that side being a soft oozy sand, almost like a quicksand.
In this condition, like true seamen, who are perhaps the least of all mankind given to forethought, they gave it over, and away they strolled about the country again; and I heard one of them say aloud to another, calling them off from the boat, "Why, let her alone, Jack, can't ye? she will float next tide;" by which I was fully confirmed in the main inquiry of what countrymen they were.
All this while I kept myself very close, not once daring
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