Robinson Crusoe - full online book

English castaway spends 28 years on a remote tropical island.

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I came as near them undiscovered as I could, and then, be­fore any of them saw me, I called aloud to them in Spanish, "What are ye, gentlemen?"
They started up at the noise, but were ten times more con­founded when they saw me, and the uncouth figure that I made. They made no answer at all, but I thought I perceived them just going to fly from me, when I spoke to them in English. "Gentlemen," said I, "do not be surprised at me; perhaps you may have a friend near you, when you did not expect it." "He must be sent directly from heaven then," said one of them very gravely to me, and pulling off his hat at the same time to me, "for our condition is past the help of man." "All help is from heaven, sir," said I. "But can you put a stranger in the way how to help you, for you seem to me to be in some great distress? I saw you when you landed; and when you seemed to make applications to the brutes that came with you, I saw one of them lift up his sword to kill you."
The poor man, with tears running down his face, and trem­bling, looking like one astonished, returned, "Am I talking to God, or man? Is it a real man, or an angel?" "Be in no fear about that, sir," said I. "If God had sent an angel to relieve you, he would have come better clothed, and armed after another manner than you see me in. Pray lay aside your fears; I am a man, an Englishman, and disposed to assist you, you see. I have one servant only; we have arms and am­munition; tell us freely, can we serve you? What is your case?"
"Our case," said he, "sir, is too long to tell you while
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