Robinson Crusoe - full online book

English castaway spends 28 years on a remote tropical island.

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our murderers are so near; but in short, sir, I was commander of that ship; my men have mutinied against me, they have been hardly prevailed on not to murder me; and at last have set me on shore in this desolate place, with these two men with me, one my mate, the other a passenger, where we expected to per­ish, believing the place to be uninhabited, and know not yet what to think of it."
"Where are those brutes, your enemies?" said I. "Do you know where they are gone?" "There they lie, sir," said he, pointing to a thicket of trees. "My heart trembles for fear they have seen us, and heard you speak. If they have, they will certainly murder us all."
"Have they any firearms?" said I. He answered, "They have only two pieces, and one which they left in the boat." "Well then," said I, "leave the rest to me, I see they are all asleep; it is an easy thing to kill them all; but shall we rather take them prisoners?" He told me there were two desperate villains among them that it was scarce safe to show any mercy to; but if they were secured, he believed all the rest would re­turn to their duty. I asked him which they were? He told me he could not at that distance describe them, but he would obey my orders in anything I would direct. "Well," says I, "let us retreat out of their view or hearing, lest they awake, and we will resolve farther." So they willingly went back with me, till the woods covered us from them.
"Look you, sir," said I, "if I venture upon your deliver­ance, are you willing to make two conditions with me?" He anticipated my proposals, by telling me that both he and the
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