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English castaway spends 28 years on a remote tropical island.

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call upon our friends the Spaniards in my way; for I had them still in my thoughts.
While we were thus preparing our designs, and had first, by main strength, heaved the boat up upon the beach so high that the tide would not float her off at high-water mark; and besides, had broke a hole in her bottom too big to be quickly stopped, and were sat down musing what we should do, we heard the ship fire a gun, and saw her make a waft with her flag as a signal for the boat to come on board. But no boat stirred; and they fired several times, making other signals for the boat.
At last when all their signals and firings proved fruitless, and they found the boat did not stir, we saw them, by the help of my glasses, hoist another boat out, and row towards the shore; and we found, as they approached, that there was no less than ten men in her, and that they had firearms with them.
As the ship lay almost two leagues from the shore we had a full view of them as they came, and a plain sight of the men, even of their faces; because the tide having set them a little to the east of the other boat, they rowed up under shore, to come to the same place where the other had landed, and where the boat lay.
By this means, I say, we had a full view of them, and the captain knew the persons and characters of all the men in the boat, of whom he said that there were three very honest fellows, who, he was sure, were led into this conspiracy by the rest, be­ing overpowered and frightened; but that as for the boatswain, who, it seems, was the chief officer among them, and all the rest, they were as outrageous as any of the ship's crew, and were no
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