Robinson Crusoe - full online book

English castaway spends 28 years on a remote tropical island.

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could hear them call to one another in a most lamentable man­ner, telling one another they were gotten onto an enchanted island; that either there were inhabitants on it, and they should all be murdered, or else there were devils and spirits on it, and they should be all carried away and devoured.
They hallooed again, and called their two comrades by their names a great many times; but no answer. After some time we could see them, by the little light there was, run about, wringing their hands like men in despair, and that sometimes they would go and sit down in the boat to rest themselves; then come ashore again, and walk about again, and so the same thing over again.
My men would fain have me give them leave to fall upon them at once in the dark; but I was willing to take them at some advantage, so to spare them, and kill as few of them as I could; and especially I was unwilling to hazard the killing any of our own men, knowing the others were very well armed. I resolved to wait, to see if they did not separate; and, there­fore, to make sure of them, I drew my ambuscade nearer, and ordered Friday and the captain to creep upon their hands and feet, as close to the ground as they could, that they might not be discovered, and get as near them as they could possibly, be­fore they offered to fire.
They had not been long in that posture but that the boat­swain, who was the principal ringleader of the mutiny, and had now shown himself the most dejected and dispirited of all the rest, came walking towards them, with two more of their crew. The captain was so eager, as having this principal rogue so
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