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English castaway spends 28 years on a remote tropical island.

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They all appeared very penitent, and begged hard for their lives. As for that, he told them they were none of his prison­ers, but the commander of the island; that they thought they had set him on shore in a barren uninhabited island; but it had pleased God so to direct them that the island was in­habited, and that the governor was an Englishman; that he might hang them all there, if he pleased; but as he had given them all quarter, he supposed he would send them to England, to be dealt with there as justice required, except Atkins, whom he was commanded by the governor to advise to prepare for death, for that he would be hanged in the morning.
Though this was all a fiction of his own, yet it had its de­sired effect. Atkins fell upon his knees, to beg the captain to intercede with the governor for his life; and all the rest begged of him, for God's sake, that they might not be sent to Eng­land.
It now occurred to me that the time of our deliverance was come, and that it would be a most easy thing to bring these fellows in to be hearty in getting possession of the ship; so I retired in the dark from them, that they might not see what kind of a governor they had, and called the captain to me. When I called, as at a good distance, one of the men was or­dered to speak again, and say to the captain, "Captain, the commander calls for you." And presently the captain replied, "Tell his excellency I am just a-coming." This more perfectly amazed them, and they all believed that the commander was just by with his fifty men.
Upon the captain's coming to me, I told him my project for
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