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English castaway spends 28 years on a remote tropical island.

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being very faithfully seconded by their men. They secured all the rest that were upon the main and quarter-decks, and began to fasten the hatches to keep them down who were below; when the other boat and their men entering at the forechains, secured the forecastle of the ship, and the scuttle which went down into the cookroom, making three men they found there prisoners.
When this was done, and all safe upon the deck, the captain ordered the mate, with three men, to break into the round­house, where the new rebel captain lay, and having taken the alarm was gotten up, and with two men and a boy had gotten firearms in their hands; and when the mate with a crow split open the door, the new captain and his men fired boldly among them, and wounded the mate with a musket-ball, which broke his arm, and wounded two more of the men, but killed no­body.
The mate calling for help, rushed however into the round­house, wounded as he was, and with his pistol shot the new captain through the head, the bullet entering at his mouth and came out again behind one of his ears, so that he never spoke a word; upon which the rest yielded, and the ship was taken ef­fectually, without any more lives lost.
As soon as the ship was thus secured, the captain ordered seven guns to be fired, which was the signal agreed upon with me to give me notice of his success, which you may be sure I was very glad to hear, having sat watching upon the shore for it till near two of the clock in the morning.
Having thus heard the signal plainly, I laid me down; and
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