The Secret Garden, complete online version

First edition illustrated Children's Book By Frances Hodgson Burnett

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put up with me for a bit sometimes when tha's got no one better. Tha's been reddinin' up thy waistcoat an' polishin' thy feathers this two weeks. I know what tha's up to. Tha's courtin' some bold young madam somewhere, tellin' thy lies to her about bein' th' finest cock robin on Missel Moor an' ready to fight all th' rest of 'em."
" Oh! look at him! " exclaimed Mary.
The robin was evidently in a fascinating, bold mood. He hopped closer and closer and looked at Ben Weatherstaff more and more engagingly. He flew on to the nearest currant bush and tilted his head and sang a little song right at him.
" Tha' thinks tha'll get over me by doin' that," said' Ben, wrinkling his face up in such a way that Mary felt sure he was trying not to look pleased. " Tha' thinks no one can stand out against thee that's what tha' thinks."
The robin spread his wings Mary could scarcely believe her eyes. He flew right up to the handle of Ben WeatherstafPs spade and alighted on the top of it. Then the old man's face wrinkled itself slowly into a new expression. He stood still as if he were afraid to breathe as if he would not have stirred for the world, lest his robin should start away. He spoke quite in a whisper..
"Well, I'm dangedl " he said as softly as if